Sevket Hylton Akyildiz (PhD SOAS, London)





REST's motto: "inspiration day and night "

Our unique selling point:

"affordable quality education--and a personal style that matches established universities"

REST was established in 2014

Director: Sevket Hylton Akyildiz


New students and clients are welcome to contact me for an informal chat about my services. Non-English speakers and university students and staff are particularly welcome.

  • academic services editing services
  • knowledge & information management
  • research & consultancy services academic tutoring
  • course construction, syllabus and content
  • book & article sales conference
  • management & workshop organisation services
  • examination invigilation examination preparation, 
  • student services & strategies conversational English language tuition 
  • conference and workshop 
  • abstract help 
  • other education services are available upon request 
My academic disciplines:
  • History (History of Ideas/Intellectual history, political, cultural, social)
  • World and/or international history
  • Politics (Modern)
  • Political philosophy (European)
  • Social theory (European)
  • Environmental studies (cultural & social change and community)
  • Muslim studies (British and European Muslims - history and society)
My specialist study regions:
  • Central Asia
  • Middle East
  • Eurasia
  • United Kingdom
  • Europe


2014-2015 edited jobs have covered the general themes of

Contemporary Kazakhstan, SCO and international relations; Art history and the Qur'an; Turkey, foreign relations, and the international communitySoviet culture in Uzbekistan; Turkey and the Middle EastAfrican states and the EUEthnography of migration in Uzbekistan; Turkey and foreign aid in Africa; ColdWar Izmir,Turkey; hospitality and anthropologyliberal, neo-liberal and marxist theories; rituals in Uzbekistan...